Whale Wilma is looking for her friends on the beach to say hello! A sweet story tells about her adventure as she floats on her bright red lifesaver (she uses it to swim because her little fin is hurt). She blows out into the water and a gigantic wave lifts her up. Hence, her high position atop this beautifully crafted wooden stacking toy.

Bababoo and friends encourages quality play and interaction between children and their caregivers. By including a delightful story card with additional play activities, caregivers can feel confident that they’re taking a lead role in enhancing their child’s development.

This stacking toy encourages problem solving, exploration, hand-eye coordination, and persistence. By understanding size sequencing, children learn through trial and error how each ocean wave ring fits upon the next. They learn goal setting and persistence and truly feel accomplished when their vertical puzzle is complete.

There’s a fantastic safety feature with the center rod. It’s flexible! This worked well during play as toddlers loved to watch the rod bounce back — a nice cause and effect play feature too.

Whale Wilma Stacking Toy is a sustainable and beautifully crafted wooden toy that promotes learning skills and high quality parent-child interaction. Children enjoyed stacking each piece both on and off the rod as parents played alongside. Wilma swam across each wave and then — recreating the story — she blew out air to reach the top of a big wave. A lovely play piece for every toddler with a multitude of educational advantages.

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