dragonwinged_3051_sLittle hands fit right into the Winged Dragon puppet as a smile shot across my little friend’s face as he slipped his fingers into the wings and discovered the moveable mouth. Folkmanis provides a folk tale about this little dragon, “First Light” about how our little dragon used his baby flames to light the candles for his lord. The inquisitive dragon repeatedly asked his master how his flames will be used as he grows bigger and was given several visions from lighting torches to starting the great hall’s fire and boiling the lava in a volcano. These related stories spark little kids’ imaginations as the puppet takes flight on their hand, exposing his forked tongue when he blew out fire. Themed puppets ignite children’s creativity as they start to spin their own story, many times with elements from the starter story provided. Kids learn to assemble the plot with a  beginning, middle and end with some drama (problem) in the middle to overcome. Building language skills is engrained in such fun puppet play!

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