206-746_004Wonder Whale brings on the kicks and giggles as infants activate the fun! Moms appreciate Infantino’s baby products designed for multiple learning stages, keeping equipment to the minimum as little adjustments can take a baby from over head discovery, lying on her back watching and reaching for the dangling octopus, starfish, rainbow fish or mirrored fish to cause-effect learning as you turn baby around and watch her kick at the whale’s tail to jiggle the toys and provide entertainment. This cause-effect toy teaches baby that when she kicks, swats, or grabs, something moves. Tummy time can be a challenge for parents and babies, so a soft mini whale pillow is provided to support baby’s chest and work those muscles while she raises her head. Little fish faces engage a child and encourage vocalizations as babies recognize their friends as a little face to talk to. Early vocalizations start to vary and lead to babble, longer  strings of sounds and finally their first word around 1 year of age.

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