Wonderhood hotelPack your suitcases and get on the road for a visit to Chelsea who lives at the Wonderhood Hotel. But YOU get to design the hotel just the way you like it! My friend got right to work, experimenting with design and changing up the configuration of 24 illustrated panels to fit her needs.  I must say she is my kind of girl, starting with the elevator and building around it with a grand staircase leading to the lobby filled with the swimming pool. Sounds like a kid’s dream hotel, right? With many illustrated scenarios in the hotel, kids can enjoy conversation and open-ended play with the two figures, Chelsea and Erik as they enter the lobby, pull up a seat at the snack bar, visit the gift shop, play at the Kids’ Club, grab a hot chocolate at the Cafe, go back to their room or eat out at the Restaurant. I enjoyed watching minds work as my friends would build up high or stay on ground level, changing the design as they picked up new panels. Besides the stimulating open-ended story-telling, these Wonderhood sets include a character’s journal to up the ante of language learning. She gives her bio, favorites, design challenges and a place to record your ideas. A famous prince and princess are coming to Wonderhood and their visit will be topped off with a fireworks display. Can you build the hotel as high as possible to view the show? How fun to give story-based instruction so kids can learn from a word problem rather than a picture. As kids design and construct their physical buildings they are also building their stories, becoming proficient authors too!

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