What fun to have an electronic wave dispenser shooting out letters every few seconds! Don’t get rattled by the rapid play or you will miss a terrific word to spell. Load up the wave machine with the letter tiles and set your pace for a ripple, wave or tidal wave, depending on how fast you want to think and spell. As four letters launch at a time into the center of your play space , players shout out a word, gather the letters and spell it out in front of them. Keep your eyes moving because with the addition of more letters you can expand your words or steal another player’s word to add letters to it, claiming it for your own. “Fake” can become “flake” or “rap” can become “g-rap-ple” with the addition of letters interspersed in a previous word. After the Word Wave empties, count up your score according to the length and number of your words. All ages enjoyed playing this together as one mom said, “You need your eyes going in two directions!” This fast paced word game strengthens vocabulary and spelling skills as players think in sound combinations, building and expanding words.

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