I know I’m not the only one who is thankful for a second round of WordAround considering all the fun we’ve had with the first edition. With 300 new words to unravel, players got busy searching for a word in one of the 3 color coded rings on each card. Reveal a new card on the top of the deck and players race to spot the word, which feels like it’s in code until it pops into your mind. We admitted we all start with a letter and read around the ring until it makes sense. “Program” took several tries as I first started with the blend “gr” and then “r” which didn’t make sense. Grandma who was watching said, “It depends on what letter you see first.” Some of us started with common blends that we saw or consonants. Grandma also gave us her tip that if she is stumped, she starts with a vowel. That’s how she won the card for “audience.” We were moving along with everyone finding some success when we all got stumped by a card. “Is there an answer kit?” “I think this is a mistake!” Then someone shouted out “Tsunami!” Okay, forget my tips, who would have started with “ts?” What a great game for reading and spelling practice, tapping phonetic skills as you search, revise and find a word sequentially among the letters. My 12 year-old player claimed WordAround 2 for her classroom.

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