Teleport to snowcapped mountains with Yeti Yikes! Ski Mountain by Squaregles. This awesome set blends magnetic construction, imaginative play, and storytelling, into a captivating experience for kids. This magnetic wonderland fosters creativity, verbal and physical problem-solving skills, and social-emotional growth when kids play beyond the build.

This Squaregles set includes 37 pieces, with unique mountain-scape additional like a mountaintop, ski lodge roof, luge, and alpine slope. Not to mention, a Yeti mask that seemed to be a quick favorite. The instructional book provides awesome guidelines on different builds utilizes the pieces in different ways. Kids practiced following directions, using spatial awareness to create 3D structures from 2D drawings, and of course freestyled their own creations.

Yeti Yikes Ski Mountain merges design and engineering with imaginative play, storytelling and creativity. Children experiment with different designs to build houses, mountains, and snowy pathways. As they build, they’re learning through trial and error, modifying each challenges as they go, and understanding principles of balance, stability, and spatial relationships (physical problem-solving). They enhance problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities, learning to overcome challenges through creative solutions.

The play beyond the build opportunities are endless. Fluke’s Yeti mask and Yeti feet (detachable) are a character catalyst for pretend play with endless scenarios and narratives. The Yeti becomes a friendly guide, a daring adventurer, or a mischievous mountain spirit. This flexibility encourages storytelling, an important play pattern for language and social-emotional development (verbal problem-solving).

This storytelling process enriches vocabulary and enhances language skills as they describe scenes, characters, and actions. Through dialogue and narration, they learn to express ideas and emotions, fostering communication skills that are crucial for social interactions and future academic success.

Yeti Yikes Ski Mountain by Squaregles is the perfect fusion of magnetic construction and imaginative play. It empowers kids with creativity, problem-solving skills, and language development. Through design and trial-and-error, pretend play, and storytelling, children practice multifaceted learning that entertains and educates.

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