ZingoWord-7706-LoResSpillZingo™ is back! First it taught us matching pictures, then sight words and now spelling and reading. Something about sliding that red device back and forth for “the reveal” captures kids’s attention and they can’t get enough. Double sided word-builder cards are for beginners or advanced players so several levels can join in. Six three-letter words are written on each card with one spot to fill in for the beginners and two letter spots to cover for the advanced players. Slide the Zinger back and forth to reveal two letter tiles and quickly try to find a spot on your card to complete a word, being the first to call it out. The first player to complete his card correctly, calls out “Zingo!” and wins the game. My beginning readers took a letter tile and placed it in each empty spot on their card and slowly sounded out the words. They were thrilled when they said a word that made sense. They were doing just what they were taught and found great gratification and fun in the process. Learning to be an independent reader opens up worlds of language learning.

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