One of the challenges of raising your baby bilingual is finding good books in your language other than English. Katerina’s mom shared the frustration of finding books in Spanish either translated from English, but even harder was to find sources for books written by native speakers.

She shared a library of Spanish books, many that are popular in English such as those by authors Sandra Boynton, Eric Carle, Karen Katz and Usborne books. Katerina’s mom had gotten a whole series of Usborne books, That’s Not My Truck, That’s Not My Dog etc. in Spanish at Barnes and Noble. By the way, online, you can click on Spanish children’s books by age on Barnes and Nobles’ site. She also discovered Spanish books by the publisher, Sigmar. Many English books have been translated so they still rhyme in the second language which is important to look for. Brown Bear Brown Bear by Bill Martin is delightfully interesting to children for its repetition, rhythm and rhyme. Some of the words might be slightly changed in the translation to accommodate the importance of rhyme. We know that recognizing rhyme is a precursor to reading. When children recognize that words end in the same sound, they are beginning to understand that words are made up of sounds—sounds correspond to letters and reading begins.

My mission with this blog is to not only pass along helpful information to enhance your child’s language development but to also be a forum for parents and caregivers to share great information. Let me know what your sources are for children’s books in other languages that you have found helpful. What books in languages other than English has your child enjoyed?

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