One of the blessings of my job is that I get to know some wonderful families. When I work with children in their homes, sometimes several times a week, the dogs and cats treat me like family as so do the parents and kids.

Yesterday I was invited over to Betsy’s house to catch up on life since I dismissed Betsy from speech therapy several months ago. The whole gang was there including dad who was home sick from work. He was a good sport and played games with us as I tried out a few new products coming out that I am reviewing.  Parents that I’ve worked with always give me good toy and book suggestions based on language value. Betsy’s mom showed me her personalized ABC book, My Amazing Alphabet Adventures, that was made through Shutterfly that I wanted to share with you. Mom sent in a head shot which was superimposed on cute bodies engaged in all sorts of fun. Each letter page has many words beginning with that letter in the print describing the picture. It isn’t the best literature but it is packed with words that emphasize the letter and relate to the adventure in the picture. So check it out and add it to your ABC collection.