Every parent is interested in finding the best preschool for their child. Within my neighboring towns I can think of such a variety of experiences for a preschooler. Some preschools have small classes with one teacher, some have larger classes with 2-3 teachers. Some are highly academic, others stress more play. Some have a curriculum based on nature or the arts, while others are more traditional in their learning units.

Matching your child’s needs with a preschool can be daunting, but I ran across a good article by The National Institute for Early Childhood Research with questions to ask a preschool to evaluate it’s quality: “The Top 10 Pre-K Questions: What Parents Need to Know About High Quality Preschool.” Do we really ask the hard questions of the place we are entrusting our child to? Observations are important so you can see if the school is a good fit for your child. One of the questions asks if the program assesses children for problems and if the staff is equipped to handle children with special needs.

So check out the list and take it along on preschool shopping!