Maisy’s Amazing Big Book of WordsNo child gets bored with this kaleidoscope of colorful objects, animals and people gathered into categories by theme–getting dressed, visiting the farm, making music, or playing on the beach. Each category in Maisy’s Amazing Big Book of Words is introduced with a full-size picture and flap to invite your preschooler into a world bursting with 300 words that are related by theme. Whether your child is at the stage of pointing to hear you label the picture, naming the illustrations or narrating a little sentence, she will delight in this feast of words, all relating to a little one’s experience.

Take the time to name the pictures, describe them, “the three swimming ducklings,” and talk about how they all belong to a group–things we use on a rainy day, animals in the sea, food in the kitchen, or objects for bath time. Naming the category builds your child’s language as she learns to group words by their use or function. Talk about what we do with the items–“We dry off with a towel,” or “we wash with soap,” or “we float the duck.” Talking about the function of objects, helps your child link concepts and builds language skills.