Letter and Number Ice Trays for Learning Alphabet

I just had a conversation with my daughter-in-law who is getting reading for Will’s second birthday party this week. She wanted my recipe for ice cream pie and we were brainstorming on what to use for molds so she could form the chocolate rice krispy crust into an airplane. I loved her creativity and was reminded of a website I just discovered with several creative products to make eating and learning fun!

Check out www.spoonsisters.com for silicone letters and numbers ice trays. You can make juice ice or jello jigglers with them to enjoy a special message to your child or just have fun with letters and numbers. Their “constructive eating utensils” would get any little boy’s attention with the “Fork lift fork,” “Bulldozer pusher,” and “Front loader spoon” where the handles are construction vehicles made to be held by little hands. The pancake molds are cut-outs of trucks and airplanes for eating fun.

Okay, my personal favorite that I thought was for teaching the letter “M” in brownies is the “Baker’s edge brownie pan” actually designed to give the maximum  amount of linear inches of crust. Yum!

So have some fun and learn a little while eating with your child.