Cookin Cookies by FundexI love to hear from parents and Speech Therapists with ideas to stimulate speech and language. Keep the e-mails and comments coming!

Today I heard from a former colleague of mine who is an excellent preschool speech therapist:

“Hi Sherry!
Last year I bought Funny Bunny and Diggety Dog. My kids LOVE them and beg to play them all the time!!  Thanks for the tip!  I think I’ll go ahead and buy Animal Scramble…..that’s looks really good too!
You might want to check out these toys .( if you don’t already own them)…..they’re a big hit ……
Cariboo by Cranium – the possibilities are endless in terms of readiness reinforcement, memory, prediction, articulation targets, etc.
Cookin Cookies by Fundex ( an inexpensive game that my kids beg to play.. 2-4 players…..I think it’s only about 5.99)  I bought it at Target…it  comes in a cute little tin lunch box.  The company has a few other lunch box games as well such as Peanut Butter and Jelly and a good story making game…. it might be called Story Starter or Story Maker?….no reading required for any of them). 
Keep the toy and book recommendations coming….I look forward to reading about them!”