I will admit that Valentines Day was not my favorite holiday when my three boys were growing up. Guys just didn’t look forward to “”making” valentines and it was like pulling teeth to get them to print the names of their classmates on all the envelopes. I hear that now the teachers have gotten wise and told kids not to put names on the outside so it’s simpler to put them in random bags for the students in the class. 

Anyways, as I have worked with preschool and elementary aged children this week, particularly the girls have loved my bag of art supplies–red glitter blue, foam hearts, stickers and valentine pictures. Here are some free downloadable valentines that were a big hit. If you don’t have a color printer, there is a black and white version for the kids to color. Speech therapists can use them for articulation and language activities and parents can set them out for creative time. Print out two copies and have a match game, use them to teach positional words, or describe the animals and have a friend guess which one you have selected. Enjoy!

Let me know of any other free valentines projects you have found.

PS Pardon my technological skills. I have mastered exporting and sizing pictures but won’t be able to turn this one until after my MAC lesson tomorrow! Hang in there with me.