playdoh zoo animalsCertain toys and games are winners as they amuse children and allow for discrete turns so a child can repeat your model, and you give them one more piece to make their masterpiece. Play-Doh’s EZ 2 Do  Zoo is so popular with preschoolers, that many parents have asked where they can get it. Target sells it for under $10. Kids have the choice of making a bird, elephant, or giraffe. A bit like Mr. Potato Head in Play-Doh, this set has all the pieces to make some whacky animals! I use it to model sounds, questions, words and phrases, while the child repeats and gets a piece to add to his project.

 There is always room for creativity as eyes are pushed in top of the head or tails stick out the side of the body. Today, a child sat the animal on a play car and sent it on its way. Their funny faces invite conversation and can be incorporated in any play scheme.

Put out the pieces when your child has a playdate and watch them create together or mix and match.