acrostic poem, Mother's DayAs I work with kids this week, I see them secretly making a surprise for Mom to celebrate Mother’s Day. I know I still have the little clay necklaces, hand prints and special cards that the kids gave me for Mother’s Day–believe me they mean more than any meal out at a restaurant. 

Little ones were imprinting their hands in plaster or painting them to press onto paper or cloth. Older students were writing a story about favorite activities with mom. One class composed acrostic poems based on mom’s first name. 

It was awfully cute to listen in on the words they chose and rejected for mom. The students were offered the use of a dictionary if they got stuck but were very picky about what they used to describe Mom. “Maria” seemed pretty easy until her child got ot the second “A.” After consulting the dictionary, she chose “available.” Not sure if she knew what that meant, I asked her. She easily said, “be around for me.” I think Maria is going to have a  wonderful Mother’s Day with this gift of love from her child.

Check out this clever site for teaching about acrostic poems: