Helen Werngren at Art Studio in Westport, CTOne of the delights of my business is to meet terrific families and get to know them. Today, I stopped in to see a mom I had spent time with several years ago, and saw her new art studio.

Five years ago I spoke to new and prospective mothers and met Helen Werngren. Pregnant with twins, Helen wanted to meet to learn about raising her twins bilingual. I enjoyed watching the twins embrace two languages, while Helen spoke to them in Swedish and her husband spoke to them in English. At two years of age they were already separating the languages, saying goodnight to Mom in Swedish and goodnight to Dad in English. Today, Helen filled me in on their language proficiency. They speak such flawless Swedish that when they visit family in Sweden, people think they are native speakers! It was fun to catch up on the twins. They speak to each other in English at school but Swedish at home.

The Art StudioHelen took a breath when her twins turned five, returned to her art and opened a studio shared by six women, all expressing their passion through varied mediums. Walk up the stairs to the studio, surrounded by collages of beautiful photography, and enter the show showcasing Helen’s monotypes in warm, inviting colors, and beautiful layered abstract acrylics by Nell Waters Bernegger. Venture into one of the rooms and be charmed by Katherine Evans’ heartwarming collages combining memorabilia honoring a family–pictures, letters and drawings–through digital art. Oils, acrylics, stone sculptures and jewelry complete this vibrant show. 

The artwork is surprisingly affordable for original pieces. Take a look, you’ll be impressed.

170B Post Road West, Westport, CT, 203 918 6800  

Open studio 10-3 Mon-Sat until May 21,  After that by appointment.