kindergartener writing storyAs educators, we strive to inspire our students to learn in an interesting and exciting way and then sit back to see if a child can use what we have taught them.

Last week, when I arrived at Quinn’s house he was so busy “writing a chapter book.” I came along side him to see what had inspired him. Obviously his inspiration came from the creative teaching by his kindergarten teacher who has been encouraging the kids to write. Quinn had been reading 101 Animal Secrets by Berger and it was open to the page about giraffes.  

On the first page he had written, “Chapter 1, Giraffe Eat Leaves.” On another he wrote “Giraffe Runs.” Then he went on to beautifully illustrated his “chapters.” This little self-starter had been motivated by a book, to write his own story and illustrate the pages. As an educator, there is nothing more precious that watching a child take what he learns and make it his own. Great job, Quinn!