glitter picturesWhenever therapy needs a little excitement, I bring out the glitter glue! This week I added a pad of paper, markers, plastic wiggle eyes and glitter glue to my bag. Preschool girls and boys alike just love to squeeze glitter glue all over their picture.

Again it can be used to elicit many sounds or language targets that you are working on. I got an initian “sh” because we had to “shake” the glitter bottle several times before squeezing out the glitter, or “is” for “that is the purple.” Use it as a reinforcer for what ever you are working on. 

Here we are making a butterfly who happens to have pink jiggle eyes. Crafts are always interesting to kids and especially glue because it is messy. It usually doesn’t take long for kids to figure out that it is more fun to move the glitter glue around with their hands.

A little aside today–this is what makes my profession funny. The little girl who was creating this masterpiece looked up at me and said, “You look like a grandma.” I checked out what I was wearing to see if I was a bit frumpy today, and asked, “Why?” She said, “Because of your neck!” I didn’t ask any further questions:)