Gobblet Gobblers by Blue Orange ToysGood board games require quick turns and lots of thinking. “Gobblet Gobblers” is a perfect beginning game of strategy utilizing visual-spacial memory, assessing options, and setting up strategy. This takeoff from Tic-Tac-Toe utilizes hungry, wide mouthed characters to hop to an open space on the board, or gobble up a smaller opponent.  Add a new piece to the game or move an existing one but remember who is under your piece–you might be setting up your opponent for a win.

Try this game with children on the autism spectrum to teach social pragmatic skills and concepts such as over/under, first/next/last, diagonal/straight, big/little, small/medium/large or tall/short. Language delayed children can benefit from learning these concepts, describing their actions and telling what if?

Gobble and giggle your way through learning!

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