I try to work on all of my language goals while using excellent children’s literature.

Recently, I was working on brainstorming ideas with a student to prepare for a writing assignment about a “memory.” The teacher read Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partirdge by Mem Fox to the class and asked them to define a “memory.” Her teacher asked the class to bring in a souvenir from a fun adventure. Based on the souvenir, they organized their writing assignment around where it came from, when they got it, described the big event around the memory (a trip to grandma’s, the zoo, the beach etc.) and concluded with how it made them feel.

As speech pathologists, we are responsible for the speech language goals for oral language which precedes written language. Therefore, I am often involved in the process of brainstorming ideas, organizing thoughts, adding details and description and building a conclusion. Visual organizers are helpful to students before the writing process and rehearsing their ideas verbally.

What books do you find helpful in language therapy? Let’s share in the comments below.