One of my favorite things about writing a blog, is the people I meet through my posts. Last week I blogged about some artists I met through our local Art Trail, a tour of artist’s studios. One of the artists I met, learned that I was a speech pathologist, and wrote me the following:

Hi Sherry,

What a wonderful website!  Interestingly, my middle child (who is now 15) was speech delayed.  His motor skills and spacial awareness was very developed though at an early age.  I was able to take advantage of Birth to Three’s services, which were very helpful.  I am sure that the info on your site proves to be a great resource with parents faced with these issues.  (fast forward 13 years:  My son Ryan is a straight A student…..and is in the high school math club with a boy who shared  speech pathologist sessions with him…..This boy was the national scrabble champion when he was a middle schooler!)

Sometimes it’s good to hear about what happens on the other side of therapy. Does anyone else have some encouraging words to share with parents who are just starting the process of speech and language therapy with their child?