God is With me through the dayAs a speech pathologist, I am always interested in what others in my profession are producing besides doing therapy. I came across these delightful books called, God is with me Through the Day, and God is with me Through the Night that are authored by speech pathologist, Julie Cantrell. Perfect for toddlers and up, God Is With Me Through the Day, takes a child through the apprehensions of their day and night, as they leave the safety of family laughter and mom’s kisses and run out into the world, alone.

Pairing a simple sentence, “I start to feel alone,” with a matching picture of an animal seemingly feeling the same emotion–a lonely raccoon peeking out from behind a bush–each page builds on reassuring spiritual concepts of “God is always with me,” and “Just like when God kept Jonah safe inside the whale.” Cheers of “God loves me,”  “I am safe!” and “In God’s hands I am strong!” give little ones something to say in the face of fear, relying on God.

Just enough language for a toddler or preschooler to master, each short statement comforts a child, leading up to the final Bible verse, “When I am afraid, I will trust in you. Psalm 56:3

God is with Me Through the Night is a perfect sequel, taking your child from the comfort of evening family fun, goodnight kisses and snuggles, to feelings of loneliness and fear. Encouraging your child to declare God’s comfort and assurance, the animals encourage, “I say out loud, ‘I am loved!’ or “I roar like a tiger, ‘I am safe!'”

These books are adored by children and would make a great Christmas present.