preschooler in king costumeOkay it’s time to write down those resolutions, throw them in the fire and hope for the best. I’m actually not one for making resolutions as much as setting goals for myself. Maybe it’s the same thing but goals seem more attainable.

Here are some new years resolutions for parents of children in speech therapy:

  • Become more involved in the therapy process with your child
  • Communicate more with the therapist. This is easy if you receive services in your home and attend the sessions, but takes more work if your child receives services at his school or a clinic. Therapists work hard at keeping you up to date on goals and progress so be sure to give them feedback too. What are you seeing carried over at home and what is still hard for your child to master?
  • Practice daily what your child is working on. If your therapist doesn’t give you something to reinforce at home, ask for it. You might have a word list to practice, or certain language functions to reinforce like questions, pronouns etc, or you might be assigned to help your child engage in conversation with another child in the neighborhood.
  • Appreciate your child’s therapist for their hard work and interest in your child. People who chose this field of work are usually caring, concerned, creative people who love kids.