In today’s New York Times, the article, “Dealing with the Financial Burden of Autism,” offers a look into the financial side of providing the best program for a child on the autism spectrum. Konrad’s article gives several practical suggestions for navigating the insurance obstacles while pushing for the best program for your child.

According to the article, direct medical and non-medical costs for a child with autism can cost between $67,000 and $72,000 a year. Parents already deal with the challenge of finding the right set of therapies to benefit their child since the treatments aren’t one size fits all. Since many therapies are given several hours a week, the cost adds up.

The article gives some practical advice for seeking financial reimbursement and assistance. The father highlighted in the story obtained financial assistance through a special part of the Medicaid program. He talked about planning therapy deliveries according to caps you might have in your insurance program, coordinating with services covered by the schools, and utilizing resources such as community chapters of the Autism Society of America or Autism Speaks for help with practical advice.

Let me know what has been helpful in your journey with trying to get services covered for your child with autism. Use the comments below.