I find books to be a great language enriching carryover activity for articulation.

Recently I was working on /s/ and /sh/ with several students and used the book, Bright Stanley by Matt Buckingham to provide practice and carryover for the sounds. Stanley and his school of friends with their shimmery scales provide lots of practice for the /s/ and /sh/ sounds. I read the book in sentences and phrases, pausing to let the child repeat after me. If they are at the carryover stage, simply read the book and have them re-tell it using the pictures. Provide an /s/ word or two to get them going if they get stuck. Stanley is on the hunt for his friends who have the same bright, shimmery scales so there is plenty of opportunity to practice thinking skills like prediction, association and cause-effect too.

Afterwards, we made our own Stanley, with lots of markers and glitter glue. This Stanley apparently is such a good swimmer he doesn’t need fins!