butterfly in grassSome kids work harder in a less structured setting, moving and learning as they go. Summer is a great opportunity to take these kids outside to explore and work on speech and language goals on the move.

My friend, Nathan, is such a kid. He is so happy to explore, expecially with Duke, my dog, and will practice his articulation, language structures, answering questions and following directions best in a less restricted environment.

Last week we discovered that when we walked down to the creek to view water bugs and look for frogs, we actually found little tree frogs hopping out of the leaves under our feet. We could only detect them from their movement but managed to catch one in a cup and watch him climb out. Our next outing was the pond. No frogs there but tree frogwe identified cattails, and were visited by a beautiful butterfly who followed us along the edge of the pond. We spotted an elegant egret and family of geese.

When we returned we wrote Mom an e-mail letter, including pictures of our outings. Nathan had to supply the words under each picture to recall what we had done. This is hard for him but with the visual cue, it was made easier.

Honestly, it’s fun for me to get a change of scenery too.