speech therapyToday was my last day with little Reagan. I have really enjoyed my sessions with her because she tries so hard, her mom encourages practice, and her little brother pulls up a chair when I come, thinking he is part of the session!

As a goodbye gift I brought “Groovy Scrapbook” by Alex toys. Since Reagan and her family are moving out of state, I thought it would be fun to chronicle her adventure through a scrapbook. Being the little girl that she is, she wanted to start right in on the scrapbook. Her first page was entitled, “Goodbye Sherry.” She loved decorating around the bare spot in the middle of the page, reserved for a picture of us on her last day of therapy. She especially liked the zig zag scissors, sequins, stickers, borders, buttons, Alex scrapbookribbons and a floppy flower to glue on. The project lent itself to speech therapy, as she practiced her sounds while creating her page.

I was reminded of my old scrap-booking days when I chronicled my activities from middle school through college. It was fun to watch a 5 year-old enjoy the collection of goodies in the box to select for her remembrances.

Goodbye little Reagan. I loved my time with you.