sweet pea high chairs, playonwords.comAs part of my posts about local visits over the holiday, I want to share a darling store that I happened upon in Southport, Connecticut. Local designer, Naz Kocturk, opened “O Lulla,” specializing in decorating nursery rooms and play areas. Kocturk studied engineering and business in her native Istanbul which lends a European influence to her design.

Once part of a factory’s shipping department, her space includes a giant scale (which thankfully isn’t accurate) as you find yourself stepping on it as you come in the door. The industrial interior  with beautiful old wood floors is a nice contrast to the soft colors, fabrics and knit dolls for a great baby’s room.

I was immediately drawn to the hand painted high chairs from Sweet Pea of California. What fun to eat in a farm setting with cows at your back and sitting on a nest of eggs! The best were the Meme magic lamps spinning different scenes to captivate kids and adults. We couldn’t help but buy the ocean one with crabs, clown fish and seaweed for 2 year-old Caroline who can’t get enough of Nemo. We all found the lamps quite relaxing and found that different kids and adults would turn it on day and night, once we got it home.

An added highlight was that this last minute shopper had her gift wrapped beautifully by Naz so I could put it right under the tree.

Drop in this shop for some kid fun!

354 Pequot Avenue, Southport (near the Post Office)