Congratulations to a new PAL Award winner!

It’s hard to find enriching games for preschoolers where the fun factor prevails. Here’s yet another great game from a favorite, I Can Do That! Games to play with the family. Here is my review:

Hang on to your conductor’s hat for another  clever, multi-leveled, game of fun, strategy and learning from I Can Do That! Games. Drive your favorite Chuggington train into the depot to load up your boxcars, making sure your cargo is in the proper order. Spin to determine what boxcar to open and select tiny cargo pieces based on their color, shape or number. Faced with several options, players must decide what category to pursue to sequence their cargo pieces, matching a chosen Vee card. Ensuring that different ages can play together, the Vee cards are as simple as a sequence of five colors, or as difficult as ordering a combination of 5 numbers, shapes and colors. Kids loved opening the game board boxcars to retrieve their cargo, requiring an element of memory as players try to remember what car holds which cargo. All bets are off when a player spins “Move the Train,” and the circular board rotates to mix up the boxcars and their loot. Language is strengthened while kids learn early categories of color, shapes and numbers, as well as use the words to sequence their cargo–first, second, third, last–and pick up some emergent literacy skills while matching and ordering game pieces.  This high quality game is enhanced by the packaging, providing a detailed town around the inside of the box.

Suggested Age: 3 years and up

The above is solely the opinion of the author. “Chuggington Traintastic Cargo” was provided for review by I Can Do That! Games.