Take a little twist on the usual ring toss by adding some angles, movement and music and the family fun is multiplied. Kids engage in a little problem-solving as they can vary the the configurations of the sticks with many combinations. Although easy to assemble, it requires a parent’s strength to attach each stick assembly to the next one, when little ones are playing. Our three and four-year-old friends started by standing over the sticks and dropping the rings, but advanced to stepping back a bit to toss. Sticks swirl at two different speeds so you can up the challenge. Add the language to your game by talking about where your ring landed–next to the orange stick, past the yellow stick or around the red one. Kids learn language best in the context of their everyday experience.

Suggested Age: 3 and up

The above is solely the opinion of the author. The “Twist and Turn Ring Toss” was provided for review by International Playthings.