I had a chuckle as I walked past a little girl in her fluffy pink tutu the other day at a local farmer’s market. She didn’t seem one bit overdressed in what had to be her precious dance outfit. Now little girls can exercise their delight in ballet through a learning game. Here is my review:

What little girl doesn’t want to be on stage showing off her dance moves? “Angelina Ballerina Dance With Me! Game” lets everyone be a star. I Can Do That! Games has done it again, creating a starter game for preschoolers that parents find fun too! Unfold the thick, vertical stage and attached game board, shuffle your dance move cards and start Angelina on her week of practice leading up to showtime. Each player takes a turn being Angelina, spinning a number, and advancing on the board. When a child lands on “New Move,” she picks a Dance Move card, places it on stage and tries the move herself. As more Dance Move cards are added to the string of arabesques and pirouettes, players have to remember the moves and the sequence to perform it correctly. Star cards with trophies are awarded for landing on spaces for practice, finding your dance shoes, fancy footwork and performing Dance Moves. Becoming a ballerina exercises the mind too as kids use visual memory and matching while imitating moves, remembering the sequence of  Dance Moves, and counting. Language learning is added as kids help each other remember moves, giving descriptions of how to match the dance position–“cross your legs,” “put your arms in a circle,” or “go on your tip toes.” In addition, your little ballerina has a beautiful portable stage to improvise for her next performance!