As we speech therapists head back to school or start up our practices after summer vacation, we are always on the hunt for new, exciting and effective therapy activities. Since kids are using iPads, iPods and iPhones so much to communicate and recreate I thought I would share two apps that promote language learning (and can get a little addictive I might add!!)

The “Dabble” app is a clever adaptation of the PAL Award winning game, where the player races against the clock to spell 5 words from 20 letters–a 2 letter word, 3 letter word, 4 letter word, and 5 and 6 letter word. Scoring depends on the number of words spelled as well as the value of the letters used. Get that “x” and “w” in play fast. I was playing it in the passenger seat on a long car ride this week and believe it or not, my husband was driving and participating. He loves this game and was giving me tips on strategy–start with the 6 letter word, put initial sounds at the beginning of words,  put vowels in the middle, etc. A great learning tool, Dabble teaches kids or adults to recognize word patterns, look for blends, and construct words. Lots of fun dialogue ensues as players discuss strategy, give each other tips and even work together. Use the game as a group reinforcing activity at the end of your session for lots of interaction.

The “Rory’s Story Cubes” app, follows the PAL Award winning game, with nine six-sided dice filled with images general enough to craft an imaginative story. Just shake your phone and the dice appear to tumble and land on images to use in your tale. Move the dice in order as you begin the story or have a friend take turns to take things in a new direction. It’s fun for different ages to play together because younger children interpret the pictures in a more concrete fashion, while older kids are more abstract. A hand can mean simply a hand, “strength” or “friendship.” Language learning becomes fun as kids craft a story with stimulating prompts.

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