Today I took my “Speech With Milo-Sequencing” to my first stop with little James, 2 1/2 years old. Although sequencing is a skill beyond a 2 year-old, I thought I would use the pictures to elicit language. James quickly started moving the pictures around to place in the ordered boxes, first, next last, on a trial and error basis. Much like many of my little language-delayed kids, James can prefer to be quiet, rather that chatty. The app was such fun but he didn’t see the need to talk. I had to set the activity up otherwise.

I didn’t move on to the “Play” option where the finished sequence is animated, until James narrated the three sequences pictures for me. Sometimes he needed the model to follow and sometimes he could offer a description. I had to explain to his parents that handing him an iPhone with a Milo app, won’t build expressive language (talking) unless there is some interaction with an adult, requiring his talking. It reminds me of the research regarding preschoolers watching TV and how important it is for parents and caregivers to watch with them and make the language learning experience interactive.

Let me know what your experience is with using apps with kids to build language.