Congratulations to our winner of the Konexi Giveaway! Alexis is the random winner. I know you will enjoy this game and I look forward to your comments on how you use it with kids!

Thanks to all my readers who participated in the Konexi giveaway! I loved all your comments about the value of word games and how you use them. Alexis wrote, “Games are in general fun! Kids learn through the use of play skills and if they are having fun and learning at the same time, BONUS!!! It compares to the fun of building blocks but building words, how creative! I can see this game used for language, articulation, social contexts, sight words, etc. Players have to use creativity, phonological skills, vocabulary, spelling knowledge, etc. This game looks fun for many ages. An interesting way to play with spelling words at a young age.” Larissa made the great comment about word games being flexible for use with varied ages as we remove letters or adapt the rules, “Word games are fun because you never know what is going to happen. Its a free flowing game that allows creativity. They can also be tailored to any age group by removing so many letters. Word games reinforce our language and spelling skills. Also builds brain power.” Alison commented on the value of word games in therapy because the individual letter pieces provide easy reinforcers for students, “Love to use letter recognition games. This one seems easy for ‘earning’ pieces during speech practice. I like how the pieces link together, fun.” Talk about using a game with many ages, Natalie plays online Scrabble with her 82 year-old mom! I like Terrie’s tip on Facebook where she lets her daughter use the dictionary (against the rules??! ) to look up new words and learn them while playing word games. Clever mom!

Thanks to everyone for participating. Let me know what word games are your favorites, too!