Intrigued that a girl her age actually created this game, my little toy tester jumped right into “Mermaid Beach” and loved it. There is no lying around on Mermaid Beach because you have to be on your toes to craftily play the right cards to empty your hand and possess the most high scoring shell cards at the end of the game. The colorful cast of undersea characters include Priscilla Pearls,  Swirly Shirley, and Mussels Mark–a speech tongue twister in itself! Play your cards to win some shells, but watch out for Sneaker Waves who laps up an opponent’s shell card, or the yucky Seaweed that adds another card to your hand. Don’t be left with The Sea Monster or your tally will diminish. A wonderful game of vocabulary in the beach category, Mermaid Beach offers the opportunity to talk about a favorite summer fun activity–a trip to the beach.

6 years and up

The above opinions are solely those of the author. Mermaid Beach was provided for review by Gamewright.