James Bond step aside– kids can now create their own spy world with Playmobil’s newest set, “Secret Agent Headquarters.” Agents can arrive at their office found in a mountainous, futuristic location by speedboat or multi-functional vehicle, adjustable for land, air or water. A secret control room, computers, “top agent” CD’s, command center LED board highlighting agent activity around the globe, and plenty of weapons accessorize their hideout. Don’t get too close or you might slip through the trap door and fall into the locked jail, get a shot from the laser plasma LED super weapon, get caught by the two-faced double agent or set off the motion detector. After playing with the headquarters and stepping away, kids loved the fact that they could turn on the motion detector and protect their property–just like a real spy.

The above is solely the opinion of the author. This product was provided for review by Playmobil.