Speech-Language pathologists are a creative bunch by nature. We are diagnosticians who have to continuously re-assess our clients and their progress and come up with fun exciting ways to engage our clients for progress. That’s why I enjoy reviewing products from my profession now and then to see what clinicians have produced to help our process.

“Sounds Like Fun” by Speech and Language Warehouse is an interactive DVD designed to show parents what pediatric articulation speech therapy is like and give them suggestions for home carryover. A therapist goes through  the production of 23 sounds according to the placement of articulators–tongue tip down, tongue tip up, lips together etc. using kid friendly terms like “turn your motor on” for use voicing. Time is taken to demonstrate the three positions of sounds in words that will be taught to a child. I think the most beneficial aspect of the DVD is the shorter portion at the end where fun carryover activities are demonstrated such as lip smacking to encourage lip closure, licking a sucker for tongue tip up action or yawning and holding down the tongue for tongue tip down placement. 150 black and white line drawings are included to practice the target sounds in board games or activities at home. “Sounds Like Fun” would be a nice addition to a speech clinic or school resource library  for parents to check out and get an understanding of the process.

The above opinions are solely those of the author. “Sounds Like Fun” was provided for review by Speech and Language Warehouse.