I really enjoy learning from my students. One of the activities I do with my 9 year-old friend working on /s/ carryover is to have her explain her favorite apps. Well today she shared “PicCollage” with me and showed me all the collages she had made from pictures. We made one together for a Sting Ray and had such fun while she was practicing her /s/ sound, giving me instructions.

Start a new collage by tapping the screen and you have many options of where to find pictures. We chose to get ours from the web so a mini screen popped up with lots of options to choose from. When you click “done” those images are randomly placed on the screen and you can start to edit your collage. Make images bigger or smaller, move them around or use them for your background.

When you have your pictures where you want them, you can add text–we decided to name our collage.

Kids have such fun collecting images easily and this app could be used for articulation practice or language goals if you had pictures with more action to describe or practice verbs, pronouns, or prepositions.

Let me know if you have tried this and how you’ve used it!