793573104830_2.jpgIf you are involved in early intervention therapy, a parent of a typically developing child or one with special needs I want to recommend our newest PAL Award winner, “Nogginstik” by Smartnoggin Toys. Speech therapists love toys with a face because babies are naturally drawn to a face and talk more to them. Now add that the face changes color every time you or baby move it! Designed by early intervention therapist, Marcia Haut, Nogginstik engages kids and can be used to build speech, physical, cognitive and sensory skills. Her instructional learning  booklet for parents is excellent, making this toy perfect for carryover at home.

Here is my full review:

Aware of an increased emphasis on the learning potential of infants in the first 3 years of life, new parents are looking more closely at toys that can encourage interaction and development. NogginStik is just that–a smart toy for baby that entertains but is also filled with features to encourage language development (as well as sensory, physical and cognitive skills). His smiley faced head lights up in green, red, and blue, activated by baby’s batting or shake of the hand,  capitalizing on the fact that all babies are naturally drawn to faces and vocalize more to a face. As a parent or caregiver moves NogginStik from side to side, a baby practices visual tracking which is a critical pre-literacy skill. Listening to the rattling encourages babies to locate sounds, building listening skills important for preparing for first words. Lift up NogginStix and peek in the mirror with baby to have a chat or play peek-a-boo. Rarely do I see such an outstanding parent learning guide associated with a toy to maximize learning through play. Parents won’t run out of activities with this little friend!

Available at Smartnoggin: Click here