Artzooka tapeMost kids love art and creating their own masterpiece. I often use art kits in preschool therapy because I can easily engage a child and offer her another sticker, piece of tape or a marker as a reward for repeating my articulation or language models.

Today we played with Artzooka’s new set,  “Sketcher-Tape” which includes 6 different background cards from mountains to a big cat and dog as well 160 stickers and 5 rolls of tape.

Great for creating a story, this set inspired my 5 year-old friend to construct a bush from tape and declare, “It’s a magic bush on the mountain. It goes up to the clouds!” Then he made a “grown up nest, just for the Mommy and Daddy,” before placing the large bird stickers in it. The tape was easy to tear independently, so ladders, mountains, roads and paths could be constructed for the story. My little friend was thrilled to present his picture to mom after our session.