screen568x568When I asked several early intervention therapists for their favorite apps for speech therapy, many included “Cookie Doodle” by  “Shoe The Goose.” I agree! Kids love baking cookies and we therapists appreciate decorating them without the sticky frosting fingers and sprinkles everywhere! Be sure you have a sturdy case around your iPad before starting since the kids will be turning it to pour dry and wet ingredients. Select your recipe and start in dragging baking soda and chocolate chips into the bowl. Rotate a handle to sift flour, cut sticks of butter and tilt the iPad to pour the vanilla. This sequence makes the app adaptable to taking turns and pausing to add language models. Kids love to stir the ingredients with their fingers. Roll out the dough, press in a cookie cutter and start decorating with frosting and sprinkles. Of course the eating is the best with sound effects. Any good therapist would want to transfer all this fun to the real thing with a can of ready made frosting and some decorations to slap on a cookie, right? The fun of apps is that they bring a different dimension to our sessions but can be linked to the 3 dimensional life experience to reinforce the language lesson.