Articulation carryover chipsI wanted to report on another articulation carryover technique I mentioned in an earlier blog. I have some favorite little foam shapes that I use as chips when kids are working on sounds. One of Pam Marshalla’s games for carryover was to give each child a pile of chips and when they use their sound correctly they get another chip and if they don’t you take a chip away.

At first I was squeamish about the negative part of that game, taking away a chip if they forget to use their sound but I found this to be very effective. Most of the kids I work with are innately competitive and really don’t like to lose a chip. It was quite motivating. It caused them to listen to themselves more closely and I think I got a better outcome!

I find that few kids can talk very long about their day. Something happens between the end of school and walking in the door at home that causes their memory to fade! So I ask them about what they are reading. This little boy loves his books and used it as a prop to give me a recap of the plot. By the way this sounds like a great series for kids, The Genius Files.

Let me know what you find effective to get kids to carryover their articulation goals.