TMGcover4h-264x264As a speech therapist I find that just about any activity involving glue is fun for kids! The same apparently holds true for a book about “Too Much Glue.” Matty gets instructions from his art teacher to hold back on the glue–stick to “Glue raindrops, not puddles!” But that bottle of gloppy gloop is just too tempting. After emptying two bottles on his art project he adds the perfect decoration, belly flopping into his creation. The rest of the story revolves around extracting him from the “blucky stucky mess.” Each new attempt to free Matty involving lassoes, tow trucks and fans is described with an additional phrase as he becomes a “melted mummy, clicky bricky, clingy stringy, blucky stucky mess!” Luckily Matty’s dad is carpooling that day and rescues his son, to take him home in his suit of glue. The last page is a favorite with kids as Matty moves on to his next art experiment. This story has so much to offer for a language lesson, predicting, describing the cartoon illustrations and very animated faces, telling how different characters feel on each page, and inferring from the story. Kids loved this book, probably because they have gotten stuck, so to speak, at different times in their world of experience.