MoveA-1830-LoResSpillThinkFun has just introduced its second toddler game, “Move and Groove” that gets kids moving with categories of instructions and builds listening and language skills. Toddlers can’t sit still in a therapy session so why not make moving fun? Here is my full review:

Get out those dancin’ shoes and move and groove with the toddler set! Roll the multi-colored cube and flip over a matching colored card. 48 pictured instruction cards call out movements in 6 color-coded categories: Let’s Pretend, Movement, Classics, Body Parts, Silliness, and Workout. My little friend rolled green for “movement” and immediately followed the direction to “Skip around the room.” Favorites in the “body parts” category were “Snap your fingers” (which is pretty funny when a 2 year-old does it since they never touch) and “Wiggle your bottom.” I got laughs for my attempts at the “Hula,”  while “Do a fist pump” and “Do the funky chicken” quickly drew in older siblings to the game. Learning beginning game play rules like taking turns and waiting for a player to finish a turn are complemented with building language skills as children have to listen, follow directions, know basic vocabulary of body parts, actions, animals, and objects, and process how you would “Walk like and elephant” or “Dance like a robot.” This game is fun, funny and perfect for including your littlest family member in game time.

Available at Thinkfun: Click here