crack-the-books-itextbooksMany of you know and use the fantastic apps for language learning by Mobile Education Store. I have reviewed several of them and they are a mainstay in my therapy tool bag! I’ve reviewed them on my blog and even told you a little about the founder, Kyle Tompson. Speaking to professionals and developers in the world of educational apps, I know how hard it is to stay afloat with all the requirements to do updates for free etc. We SLP’s appreciate great apps and I know support those who develop them. Here is an opportunity to support Kyle and his newest venture, “Crack the Books,” interactive non-fiction science books with adjustable reading levels. Let’s give him our support:

Mobile Education Store, a company dedicated to providing parents of elementary students with cost-effective educational tools is launching a Kickstarter campaign today to help fund its latest product, “Crack the Books,” a fully interactive, state-of-the-art series of non-fiction science books. The product is the first digital book with adjustable reading levels from a first to eighth grade. Parents and teachers can select any of five reading levels with a touch of a button.

“Crack the Books” fosters a lifelong desire for reading by featuring rich, audio-visual elements and interactive activities to help students understand difficult concepts. The series is designed to help students of all reading capabilities, from those with special needs to those with academic gifts, become better and more confident readers.

Please visit Mobile Education Store’s Kickstarter campaign and view its goals to fund the next generation of digital books. There is a short video right at the top of the campaign page that I encourage you to watch.  It will give you a great sense of what these e-books are all about. Your support will ensure “Crack the Books” will be available to reach and inspire all students.