Silly Cinderella titleToday was one of those days when I was packing up so many items for each child I was seeing in the afternoon that I forgot my iPad or word lists for my last client. It is one of the downfalls of itinerant speech therapy (which I love by the way) in that you have to be so organized and bring enough options to keep a child engaged and happy for an hour.

My new client is working on correcting a frontal lisp and has taken off in being able to produce a correct /s/ in all positions of the word in phrases. When I realized I had forgotten my word lists I looked at the book shelf in front of us in the playroom and told him, “Pick out a few books for us.” He chose what I thought was a preschool book that would be more interesting to girls, “Little Simon Silly Silly Cinderella bookCinderella” The story is told with a fill in the blank for each page as the child turns the wheel to reveal several options to complete the sentence. Cinderella’s step sisters got a very special…banana? It was so goofy that we laughed and laughed and he was motivated to continue. Of course there were many /s/ words in a Cinderella story so he got plenty of practice. Books should always be in my therapy bag because they are a terrific tool to interest little clients and provide practice for speech and language goals.