Kids love to color and I am always looking for new activities for articulation reinforcement. Of all the therapies, it can get a little tedious, having kids repeat words and sentences without a fun treat after their response. I usually use games and let them take a turn on the game board after a response (and my response too! Sometimes they catch on and ask me why they have to talk on my turn). Lately I have been using coloring pages from a wonderful site I wanted to share for free printable pages from kids favorite movies from The Lego Movie to Monsters Inc. or Planes.

Here’s the link for pictures of Metal Beard, Vitruvius, Bad Cop or Unikitty to name a few or scenes from Frozen including Anna, Kristoff, Elsa and Olaf. These pictures can be used for language therapy too as kids describe the picture or what happened in that scene in the movie.