Toy Fair 2015Things are heating up as I get several emails a day, inviting me to visit companies’ booth at the Toy Fair coming in February. I get excited just filling out my minute to minute schedule for the 4 days at the Javitts Center. (a little weary thinking of my feet, though!!)  Here are a few of the sneak peeks I have received:

image001Playmobil will be introducing their “Modern Luxury Mansion” with a functioning doorbell, fully automatic coffee machine, and lockable safe behind a picture. Add-on options include a guest suite, swimming pool and lighting set. Can I just move in? We all know that Playmobil sets are perfect for expanding language through pretend play because of all their well-selected props to extend the story in many directions. I’ve seen a trend in modern dollhouses with the swedish company and PAL Award winner, Lundby, bringing their ultra modern, lit doll houses to the US recently, and Hape premiering their PAL winner DIY Dream House in 2014.

Folkmanis makes incredible puppets that are so lifelike in the hands of kids and grown-ups. This past year I had such fun with the PAL Award winner, “Ostrich,” that my husband asked me not to give it away but keep it on the sofa! Folkmanis is giving sneak peeks of their  newest puppets on their Facebook page so take a look. I love “Baby Lop Rabbit.” Just slip your hand in and animate the mouth and front paws of this cuddle bunny as you stroke and soothe its super soft coat. Their puppeteers are so good that they make the puppets look real at the Toy Fair–a booth you can’t miss.

Little Kids, Inc, the company that has brought us all sorts of image003bubble machines, is debuting a new line of “living emoticon” characters – Moji Mi.   I have been invited to come see how these playful new guys interact with each other – and get my picture taken with them! I’ll keep you posted. They sound like a potentially helpful language tool if they talk about emotions.